It's Daylight Savings Time -- Time to Change your Wiper Blades

March 5, 2015

Many drivers procrastinate when it comes to changing their wiper blades for them, it’s just not a priority. But the American Optometric Association reports that 90 percent of driving decisions…

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Orange City Named Spotlight Store of the Month!

March 2, 2015

February 1999 was a monumental month for our company.  We’d been on an acquisition tear and were about to acquire Specialty Sales.  But before that, the company was filling voids in…

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Service is the Difference!

February 24, 2015

Service is one of the pillars of our company and Matt Davis, manager of the Arnold Motor Supply in Denison, IA, is a firm believer that service really does make a difference.  That is why he has…

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Avoid a Breakdown with a Belt Check

February 23, 2015

You may not see them, or know much about them, but engine belts are always working to keep your vehicle moving. Losing a belt can mean immediate trouble for the engine and a breakdown for you.…

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Algona location recognized as Store of the Month!

February 10, 2015

This month’s Spotlight Store of the Month is Arnold Motor Supply of Algona.  Kelly and the staff have done a wonderful job in Algona, a county seat town of 6,000 residents. 

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Stop by Our Booth at the Iowa Farm Power Show in Ames

February 3, 2015

The third largest indoor ag show in the United States is happening in Des Moines this week and we are there!!  

We are promoting our Arnold Motor Supply stores and products and our Midwest…

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Drivers Beware! The Perils of Maintenance Monday! Potholes Are Upon Us

February 2, 2015

As the ravages of winter subside and temperatures rise, there is probably a pothole out there with your name on it, cautions the Car Care Council. Record cold temperatures, snow and rainfall in many…

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Our Newest Location Opens on Monday in Aurora, NE!

January 30, 2015

The new sign is going up at  our new store in Aurora, NE.  Lots of effort being put out by partners and associates to get this store switched over from Carquest to Auto Value.  The…

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Cold Weather and Oil Changes - Here’s What You Need to Know

January 26, 2015

Monday Maintenance Tip!

Did you know that when temperatures plunge your car needs extra attention to be able to give you the same level of service and performance you’ve come to expect? One of…

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Kelly Cook Recognized as 2014 Store Manager of the Year

January 23, 2015

Kelly Cook, Manager of the Arnold Motor Supply automotive parts store in

Algona, IA, received the coveted Store Manager of the Year Award for 2014. 

This award was created to recognize the…

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