Orange City Named Spotlight Store of the Month!

Orange City Named Spotlight Store of the Month!

March 2, 2015

February 1999 was a monumental month for our company.  We’d been on an acquisition tear and were about to acquire Specialty Sales.  But before that, the company was filling voids in marketing areas and this store was right in the middle of where we needed to be.

In that month, the Big A store in Orange City owned by Ken Vanden Brink was purchased.  Ken and his son, Bruce, have been the staying force for that store since that day.  Now, Ken has retired and Bruce has been the engine behind the success of store number #28.

Last year, they hit their goals 11 out of 12 months.  In fact, over the last 11 years, they have averaged hitting their goal 9 out of 12 months for each of those years.   Not bad for a 4000 square foot store in a town of 6,000 people.  Bruce says, ” That’s 1-1/2 people per square foot.”

Congratulations Orange City on being the spotlight store of the month.