Is your vehicle maintenance current?

Is your vehicle maintenance current?

April 11, 2016

April is car care month and all month long we are bringing you great tips to keep you #CarCareAware.

Why April?

In April, as winter comes to an end, it is time to get your car ready for spring driving and summer road trips! National Car Care Month reminds you to take car of any issues that may have occurred or been ignored during winter.

Spring driving brings its own hazard such as slick, wet roads. It is important to make sure you tires, brakes and windshield wiper are ready for the rain.

Did you know that at last year's community car care inspection events 26% of vehicles were low on washer fluid, 23% need engine oil and 19% of vehicles needed more coolant? Plus over 10% of car inspected ned batter service or wiper blade replacement.

Why are these repairs important?  Imagine driving in pounding rain and having mud thrown on your windshield by a passing semi. . . That isn't the time to discover your wiper blades are worn out or you are out of Washer solvant.  Suddenly your safety and the safety of those riding in your vehicle and on the roads with you are at risk. If you can't see through the mud and streaks, how will you avoid the random objects in your path?

Even vetern Do-it-yourselfers can get behind on regular maintenance, assumiing that they will notice if their vehicle needs a new belt. . But discovering that need while on I-35 and your tools and regular Arnol Motor Supply are miles away is not the best plan.  

What maintenance should I preform on my vehicle?

Not sure where to start?  Check out all our maintenance tips here on the blog and  the Car Care Council's website for a regular schedule..  You can create a custom maintenance schedule for each of your vehicles here!  And stop by our blog all month for great tips!