A Double Spotlight Store of the Month

A Double Spotlight Store of the Month

May 20, 2016

Speaking of Teamwork…..

This is the first multistore recipient of the Spotlight Store of the Month.  For the Month of May we recognize two stores…Geneva and Fairbury.  

Since the first of the year, these two stores have been under the management supervision of Mike Georgi.  Mike has had the challenge of learning the Geneva customer base, associate staff and the community of Geneva as a whole.  The staff at both stores have pulled together to make the transition as smooth as possible with Mike assuming a multi-store management position.  

A big thank you goes to the staff at each store for stepping up to the plate and taking on this new challenge and not only maintaining supreme customer service, but elevating it.  Congratulations to Mike and his staff at Geneva and Fairbury for being named May 2016 Spotlight Stores of the Month.