G & G Auto Parts in Vinton, Iowa is now Arnold Motor Supply!

G & G Auto Parts in Vinton, Iowa is now Arnold Motor Supply!

July 27, 2016

G&G Auto Parts, an independent auto parts store serving the greater Vinton, Iowa, area, has been sold to the Arnold Group of Companies out of Spencer, Iowa, dba Arnold Motor Supply Automotive Parts Stores.

“We are very excited to have the great team that Scott Geissinger built be part of our team of automotive experts,” said Dennis Spooner, managing partner of the Arnold Group of Companies.

Started in 1978 by Scott and Dennis Geissinger, G&G Auto Parts will become an Arnold Motor Supply Automotive Parts Store. The current staff will remain on board, and Scott Geissinger will continue on as the store manager and has become a partner with the company.

The newly renamed Arnold Motor Supply Automotive Parts Store will open its doors for business on Friday, July 29.

“Arnold Motor Supply’s programs will dovetail nicely into the programs that serve our existing customer base while helping us to attract new business. We’re excited for this transition,” said Scott Geissinger.

The store is located at 207 W. 3rd in Vinton. It carries a full-line of automotive repair parts for the professional service provider and the DIYer and also offers access to full-line machine shop services as well.