In the Zone - Week 12

In the Zone - Week 12

August 5, 2016

Hello humidity, you made an effort to slow our progress, but we are unstoppable!

Lots of momentum, just not visible. 

Office addition update: The electrical crew has been here for weeks now, 6 weeks is my guess.  They are ready to present the grand FINALE tonight, they will turn off all electricity to the current building and when they turn it back on...POOF - we will have electricity to the addition. Nice work crew. Back to the building, they continue to finish the new entry and have sprayed insulation. 

Warehouse addition update: Continuing on, putting all the parts and pieces together. Check out the size of this addition. Take a guess, how many square feet we have added?

Mike P. talking with electrician - see last pic.  Thanks Mike for overseeing the warehouse/office additions.