In the Zone - Week 19

In the Zone - Week 19

October 21, 2016

love, Love, LOVE the lobby, what do you think?

I am thinking I want to hang out in the lobby all day, especially with the south sunlight shining in all year round. Lucky you, Lori! Amazing transformations taking place all throughout the office addition.

It took 19 weeks to discover comments can be added to each pic, be sure to check them out this week. 

Office Addition Update:
Lobby windows and front door are installed. So beyond gorgeous. Along, with that the tile wall wrapping around the front desk and the tile floors were completed. Cabinets in the coffee bar, bathrooms, copy and conference rooms are in, they are dark chocolate in color. As we speak they are preparing the dirt for the concrete parking lot, the entire building is slightly shaking.  

Warehouse Addition Update: The back of the warehouse is complete, it is metal to accomodate for future expansion. We have intelligent leaders whom are future oriented. The lighting is being installed. The walkway between the current building and new building is coming along nicely. They are pouring sections of concrete in front of the warehouse. 

Lobby Counter
Lobby Tile Floor, Brick Wall
Conference Room Cabinets
Painted Walls, plus Barry, Our Electrician
Painting Lori's Office
Garage - Extra Space for Future Office Growth
Look at this BEAUT!
Preparing Dirt for Parking Lot
Backside of Warehouse Addition
Cement Slab Complete
Look at the Size
Installing Lighting
Walkway Between Current Building and New
Pouring Concrete in Front of Warehouse