Arnold Motor Supply Celebrates 90 years

Arnold Motor Supply Celebrates 90 years

May 4, 2017

90 years ago, E.P. Arnold started a company selling $65 worth of auto parts out of the back of a 1927 Chevy. 90 years later, Arnold Motor Supply celebrated its 90th anniversary in Spencer, Iowa on April 22nd by planning an entire day for roughly 800 of its employees and automotive business partners. The event reflected on the past 90 years of business and highlighted the importance of serving local communities and customers.

“In the middle of the depression, E.P. Arnold had the foresight to start a business in a new field, the automotive aftermarket,” Managing Partner Dennis Spooner said. “He also recognized the importance of machine shops to keep the customer on the road and in the field.”

A day full of tours of the newly expanded Arnold Motor Supply Distribution Center, as well as a classic cars museum and exhibit about the company at the Clay County Heritage Center was capped off with an inspiring dinner and awards banquet that honored Arnold Motor Supply employees as well as the company’s valuable business partners.

“Our 90th anniversary offers a time to reflect on how far we have come,” Spooner said. “Few companies reach a milestone such as this. With business partners and employees spread across the miles and states, it was a great opportunity to come together and recognize this achievement.” Arnold Motor Supply was proud to honor several key business partners with awards for their contributions to the company’s success in 2016.

• Innovative Partner Award: Dorman Products
• Developmental Partner Award: Standard Motor Supply
• Brand Engagement Award: Wix Filters
• Sales Support Award: BBB Industries
• 2016 Partner of the Year Award: East Penn Manufacturing