Bike Club Attends Paint Demo

Bike Club Attends Paint Demo

October 20, 2014

Recently team members from the Cedar Falls area were asked to put a paint demostration class on for an unusual customer. A bike club located in Waterloo called Spokes N Locs. 

According to SNL Bike Club President Mireya (Yeya) Abad, the club as a group of seven friends who just wanted to hang out and work on some amazing bikes. “We added new members; and this is our 3rd year and we currently have 17 members and prospects. The club stands for a way to keep kids off streets, learn to work with people, develop responsibilities but having fun at the same time, and most importantly keeping the Lowrider tradition alive. Our members range in age from 11-20 years old. We are the only Lowrider bike club here in the state of Iowa. We have our own ‘constitution’, rules and regulations and all agreed to abide by our rules. We welcome anyone from the community and love getting involved with the community as well.

Denny Posekany was the lead instructor and brought in Tony Luna from Luna Bodyshop in Waterloo to assist with the demostration. The club members learned proper sanding techniques, how to mix body filler, and were given the opportunity to do some spraying. Check out their boards! 

Can’t wait to see how they paint their bikes!