Kelly Cook Recognized as 2014 Store Manager of the Year

Kelly Cook Recognized as 2014 Store Manager of the Year

January 23, 2015

Kelly Cook, Manager of the Arnold Motor Supply automotive parts store in

Algona, IA, received the coveted Store Manager of the Year Award for 2014. 

This award was created to recognize the individual who best exemplifies outstanding

leadership in the pursuit of performance excellence, and who has done the most

to further store performance in the Arnold Group of Companies. The recipient of

this award is dedicated to principled centered leadership and committed to the

core values exemplified by E.P. Arnold.

Kelly has been a partner in the company for over 25 years. He started out at

Spencer on the counter and quickly moved to sales where he was consistently

a top performer. In 2006, he started his journey as a store manager where he

steadily improved the profitability and sales of his first store. In 2013, he took

over Algona due to a retirement, and has continued his track record of improving

the financial picture of the store.

Congratulations, Kelly!

Kelly Cook, 2014 Manager of the Year