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U & CV Joints & Drive Shaft

Driveshaft / prop shaft
Part # 65-9151 | Line Code: CAR

Not Fitted / Universal

Product Details
Grade Type Regular
Slip Yoke No
End 1 Type Bolt On
End 2 Type Bolt On
Shaft Material Steel
Pre Greased Yes
Grease Fitting Included No
Universal Joints Included Yes
CV Joints Included Yes
Shaft Diameter 2.00
Compressed Length 670.00
Drive Shaft Type Cv
Length (MM) 670
Prop 65 NO
SDS Required No
E-Waste No
First Application Year 2001
Tubing Outer Diameter (in) 2.00
Tubing Outer Diameter (mm) 51
Measurement Method Measurement taken from end of flange face to end of CV joint flange face
Length (in) 26.38
Drive Shaft Material Steel
Greasable No
Product Condition New
Is or contains a battery? No
Is or contains a bulb? No
Contains Electronic Components? No
Is the item CARB affected? No
Is item a chemical? No
FAQ_Q1 What causes prop shaft vibration?
FAQ_Q2 Are your shafts balanced? Why is it necessary?
Package Contents Prop Shaft; Instruction Sheet
FAA_A6 A universal joint is designed to allow prop shafts to move with suspension travel while the shaft is moving. This allows power to be transmitted when the prop shaft is angled between the transmission and differential.
FAA_A5 Phasing is a used to describe the alignment of the yokes with each other at both ends of the prop shaft. The phase angle is the rotational position of each yoke on a prop shaft.
FAA_A3 This procedure entails the distribution of mass in the rotating prop shaft. The shaft is measured and altered where necessary to ensure that vibration does not occur during operation.
FAA_A4 Not all vehicles will have a prop shaft. Prop shafts are most commonly found on all-wheel-drive and rear- wheel-drive vehicles.
FAA_A1 The most common causes of prop shaft vibrations are worn joints, an unbalanced drive shaft, poor joint lubrication, and a bent or twisted shaft.
FAQ_Q6 What is a universal joint?
FAQ_Q3 How is a prop shaft balanced?
FAQ_Q4 Do all vehicles have prop shafts?
FAQ_Q5 What is prop shaft phasing?
FAA_A2 Each shaft is precisely balanced before boxing. Prop shaft balance is necessary for proper driveline operation. An unbalanced shaft can cause premature wear on other major components such as your transmission and rear differential.
Part Terminology Drive Shaft

Features & Benefits
CARDONE has extensive experience in testing and engineering prop shafts-we've spent years analyzing materials and processes to arrive at a superior, longer-lasting product. Each unit is engineered and built to match O.E. performance. Additionally, all CARDONE Prop Shafts are 100% dynamically balanced, resulting in vibration-free performance at all speeds.

Application Summary

Dodge Dakota 2006-01, Durango 2003-01; Mitsubishi Raider 2006
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