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Taper bearing set
Part # A39 | Line Code: BRG


Not Fitted / Universal

Product Details
Cone Radius (MM) 3.5560
Cone Radius (Inch) 0.1400
Cone Length (Inch) 0.5906
Cup Length (Inch) 0.4528
Part Description Taper Bearing Set
Cup Radius (Inch) 0.0500
Cup Radius (MM) 1.2700
Cone Length (MM) 15.0010
Cup Length (MM) 11.5010
Cup Bore (Inch) 2.0866
Standout (Inch) 0.0118
Width (inch) 0.5709
Taper Bearing Cup JL26710
Cone Bore (MM) 31.9990
Standout (MM) 0.3000
WIDTH (MM) 14.5000
Cone Bore (Inch) 1.2598
Taper Bearing Cone JL26749F
Cup Bore (MM) 53.0000
Heavy Duty Supplier Yes

Features & Benefits
Manufactured with premium-grade steel, National® taper bearing sets feature crowned raceways and rollers to ensure even load distribution.

Application Summary

1983-1984 Chrysler E Class (Rear Inner); 1985-1986 Chrysler Executive Limousine (Rear Inner); 1983-1984 Chrysler Executive Sedan (Rear Inner); 1990-1993 Chrysler Imperial (Rear Inner); 1984-1986 Chrysler Laser (Rear Inner); 1983-1995 Chrysler LeBaron (Rear Inner); 1983-1993 Chrysler New Yorker (Rear Inner); 1989-1991 Chrysler TC Maserati (Rear Inner); 1983-1988 Chrysler Town & Country (Rear Inner); 1984-1993 Chrysler Daytona (Rear Inner); 1988-1993 Chrysler Dynasty (Rear Inner); 1989-1994 Chrysler Shadow (Rear Inner); 1990-1991 Chrysler Spirit (Rear Inner); 1983 Dodge 400 (Rear Inner); 1983-1988 Dodge 600 (Rear Inner); 1983-1989 Dodge Aries (Rear Inner); 1983-1987 Dodge Charger (Rear Inner); 1984-1993 Dodge Daytona (Rear Inner); 1988-1993 Dodge Dynasty (Rear Inner); 1985-1989 Dodge Lancer (Rear Inner); 1983-1990 Dodge Omni (Rear Inner); 1983-1984 Dodge Rampage (Rear Inner); 1987-1994 Dodge Shadow (Rear Inner); 1989-1995 Dodge Spirit (Rear Inner); 1985-1986 Plymouth Turismo 2.2 (Rear Inner); 1983-1986 Plymouth Turismo (Rear Inner); 1989-1995 Plymouth Acclaim (Rear Inner); 1983-1988 Plymouth Caravelle (Rear Inner); 1983-1990 Plymouth Horizon (Rear Inner); 1983-1989 Plymouth Reliant (Rear Inner); 1983 Plymouth Scamp (Rear Inner); 1987-1994 Plymouth Sundance (Rear Inner); 1987-1989 Plymouth Expo (Rear Inner)
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