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High mileage sae 10w-40 synthetic blend motor oil 1 qt
Part # 797977 | Line Code: AOI

Not Fitted / Universal
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Product Details
Medium Duty Truck N
Heavy Duty Truck N
Agricultural Equipment N
Snowmobile N
Personal Watercraft N
Marine N
Small Engine N
High Performance N
Engine Specific N
Transmission Specific N
Non Vehicle Specific N
Motorcycle Or ATV N
Car Or Light Truck Y
Packaging Material Plastic
Industrial Or Off Highway Equip N
Oil Composition Synthetic Blend
Flash Point F 394 -
Flash Point C 201 -
Oil Weight 10W-40
Pour Point F -27
Pour Point C -33
Oil Type Included Gasoline Engine Oil
SAE Oil Weight 10W-40
Part Terminology Engine Oil

Features & Benefits
If you have over 75,000 miles, you need the superior protection of America's first high mileage Motor Oil. Valvoline High Mileage MaxLife helps extend the life of your vehicle by fighting the four major signs of engine wear - reduced power, loss of fuel economy, oil leaks and increased oil consumption. The synthetic blend formula contains extra additives designed to combat these problems unique to aging cars and trucks. Valvoline High Mileage with Maxlife Technology meets the API SN with SN PLUS specification, protecting gasoline direct injected engines from low-speed pre-ignition.. Seal conditioners rejuvenate aging engine seals to help stop and prevent oil leaks. Extra wear protection helps prevent future engine wear. Extra detergents help keep older engines cleaner by bonding with and removing sludge and deposits. Anti-oxidants help prevent oil breakdown, preventing engine-clogging sludge and deposit formation.

Application Summary

Meets or Exceeds API Services SN and all preceding API S categories. Meets or exceeds all protection requirements of ILSAC GF-5. Add specifications: API CF, ACEA A3, Fiat 9.55535 G2.
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