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Posted: 12/06/2021

When Should You Change Your Chevy Silverado's Brake Rotors?

Of all the components of a vehicle to go bad, brake components can be one of the most worrying. Anything that helps your truck come to a complete and reliable stop is going to be at the top of any technician’s list. Brake rotors, the disks that your truck’s brake pads clamp down on to stop the wheels from spinning, are just as important as the pads. They’re vulnerable to wear and tear, just like anything else. 

The longer you’ve driven your Chevy Silverado, and the more often you brake, especially if you brake intensely, the more often these will need to be changed. The question, of course, is when you should change them, so we’ve compiled a short list of warning signs. These are the top three signs to look out for.

Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Chevy Silverado’s Brake Rotors

Reduced Brake Performance

This is an obvious one, but it goes without saying: if you think your brakes might not be doing what they’re supposed to, get a professional to look at them. When your Chevy Silverado’s brake rotors wear out, it can be very dangerous. When you have to push the brake pedal harder just to slow down or stop when traveling at higher speeds on the freeway, that's a major sign that your Silverado’s brake rotors are in need of replacement. It may just be the brake pads, but it’s entirely within the realm of possibility that the rotors themselves are in need of replacement.

Unfamiliar Brake Noises

After a little while of driving your truck, you get to know everything about it, including every noise it makes. A brake rotor that goes bad will make a distinctive screeching noise as the brakes squeeze on a damaged or worn rotor disk. Listen for a loud squeak or a distinctly metallic scraping noise, which respectively mean very worn brake pads or brake rotor damage.

Visible Changes to the Rotors

You don’t need to take the tire off to see the rotor–you should be able to see the rotor just fine from the side, through the spokes, around where the brake caliper sits. You’re going to want to look out for two things: discoloration and wear. Uneven wearing patterns, scoring, grooves, and other damage is a big indicator that your Silverado’s brake rotors need to be replaced. 

What Happens If You Leave Bad Brake Rotors On Your Silverado?

Over time, bad rotors reduce the effectiveness of brake pads, leading to decreased stopping power as we mentioned above. However, this is not the end of the issue. This ineffectiveness forces the brake calipers to work harder, which can strain or even warp them due to the increased heat generated from insufficient braking. 

If you let it go long enough, it can even start to wear down the caliper itself, after running out of brake pad material, meaning the cost of repair goes up significantly, both in time and financial investment. The uneven surface of damaged rotors can lead to uneven brake pad wear, further harming your vehicle’s braking ability. In severe cases, this situation can cause the brake system to fail entirely while driving, posing serious safety risks to you and other drivers on the road. 

Other Questions About Chevy Silverado Brake Rotors

How much is a rotor for a Chevy Silverado?

Rotors for Chevy Silverados vary in price based on the year, though the average price tends to be around $100 retail. For instance, take a look at this 12” rotor front rotor for a Silverado 1500 PU and this rear rotor by PerfectStop. Generally speaking, front brake components tend to be larger and more expensive than rear ones. 

How do I know if my brake rotors need replacing?

You can use our guide, above, but your best bet is always to ask your professional technician. A regular inspection by an authorized provider will also reveal a worn or damaged brake rotor. You can trust your instincts, but it’s even better to trust a technician. 

How often should you change truck rotors?

Keep in mind that brake pads and brake rotors have very different life cycles. A brake pad is meant to be worn down and, therefore, replaced around every 10,000 miles or so. Rotors are more durable and are expected to last longer, or around 50,000 miles. 

Looking To Purchase Brake Rotors For a Chevy Silverado?

If you are looking for brake rotors, specifically a Silverado 1500 brake rotor then please take a look at the product below:

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