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Under the Hood: A Look at the Best Heavy Duty Truck Parts Brands

In order to keep your trucks on the road safely and efficiently, you need access to quality parts from trusted brands. Investing in the right heavy-duty truck parts helps lessen downtime low and improve performance long term. Here are some of the most reliable brands of heavy duty truck parts.

Dayton heavy duty truck parts

Dayton has many different heavy duty truck parts to offer, from brake drums steering and air spings to tie downs and ratchet straps. 

Buy Dayton Heavy Duty Truck Parts

Grote heavy duty truck parts

Grote is an industry leader when it comes to a wide range of heavy duty truck parts and accessories. From lights and mirrors to wiring, switches, and harnesses, Grote has everything you need for your trucking needs. Their lighting collection includes headlamps, running lights, turn signals, clearance and marker lamps—all designed to handle the conditions of any road or work site. 

Additionally, they have electric switches and products like bullet connectors that are designed to stay connected in all weather conditions. Furthermore, Grote’s extensive line of heavy duty wiring components will help make sure that your truck is always connected and working properly. 

Buy Grote Heavy Duty Truck Parts

Haldex heavy duty truck parts

Haldex provides top of the line parts for heavy duty trucks. Whether you are looking for air brake chambers, air brake dryers, air brake compressor governors, brake adjusters or air hose assemblies, we stock the parts to meet your needs and requirements. Haldex offers new and remanufactured quality parts for vehicles at any life stage.

The Haldex / Midland spring brakes offer:

  • Reliability and extended life in a spring brake actuator

  • Permanently attached, sealed chamber promotes safety, resists rust

  • Polymer coated spring and stud housing for corrosion protection

  • Oil, chemical and water resistant diaphragms for maximum life

  • Double-bolted clampband for adjustment and secure attachment

  • Two 3030 DDSB models, with 2.5” or 3.0” stroke, 10.0” pushrod • Clevis assembly included • One year unlimited mileage warranty* 

Buy Haldex Heavy Duty Truck Parts

Gorilla / Perfect Stop heavy duty truck parts

For premium duty over the road to severe duty applications like refuse, cement haulers, and motor coaches, you need formulations that can withstand extreme torque and temperatures. Gorilla’s premium duty air disc brake pads are formulated with high thermal fibers and modified cross-linking resins so they can endure the rigors of severe duty applications up to 28K.

Buy Gorilla / Perfect Stop Heavy Duty Truck Parts

In conclusion, the market for heavy-duty truck parts is competitive and vast. Whether you prefer Dayton, Grote, Haldex, or Gorilla products – or any combination of all four, you can be assured that these manufacturers offer quality components to help keep your truck running at top performance. 

From sensors and switches to mirrors and bumpers, there’s something available for every application. Even better, these parts are backed by company warranties ranging from 1 year to 5 years depending on the product and manufacturer. Take the time to do research so you can make the most informed purchase decision possible with Arnold Motor Supply.

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