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Posted: 03/25/2022

How to Repair a Disc Brake Caliper

If you're wondering how to repair disc brake calipers, it is important to follow the correct steps. Faulty brakes can cause severe accidents. Here are some tips to do it right. This might be a job best left to a professional and you can use our search tool to find a repair shop near you. 

First, it is vital to remove the wheel and tire, preferably from the car. Make sure the wheels are off, and jack up the vehicle. If necessary, use axle stands.

Dorman disc brake caliper repair kit

If the brake disc is stuck, the caliper may have frozen. If you can, jack up the vehicle on the corner where the problem is located. Loosen the bleeder screw, which is typically located on the rear of the caliper. Next, use two large screwdrivers to unscrew the caliper from the rotor. You'll need to remove the caliper to inspect it for possible problems.

If the caliper has seized, you should back out the screw using the C-clamp and gently apply air pressure to the brake hose port. Then, carefully unscrew the C-clamp, then remove the caliper from the rotor. It's important to remove the caliper from the rotor before you attempt any repairs. Once you've removed the caliper, you can check the condition of the rotor and reinstall it.

disc brake calipers

In addition to checking the rotor, you should also check the piston. This is the part that makes the disc brake work. The rotor should rotate freely after applying the brake pedal. If the caliper has seized, replace it with a new one. Afterward, the piston should be able to slide back in the cylinder. To make sure that the caliper is functioning properly, you should clean the caliper using a damp towel or rag. Then, you can reconnect the rotor.

Most of the disc brake services begin with a routine inspection and customer complaints. If the caliper is seized, the brake pad or rotor may have seized. The bleeder screw should be cleaned and replaced if it has seized. It is also crucial to keep the bleeder screw clean. It may need to be replaced if it is clogged. If the bleeder screw is clogged, it should be removed and reinstalled.

disc brake calipers

In the case of the caliper, the piston should be square with the bore. If the piston is not square, you can use a wooden 2x4 plank to ensure that the piston is square. If the caliper is not square, the guide pins must be lubricated. A new caliper bracket will dampen the noise from the squealing brake pads.

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