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Posted: 01/04/2022

Is it Time to Replace My Suspension Ball Joints?

Your vehicle’s suspension is the main piece of the vehicle's body, and it is the main support for the vehicle's wheels. Your suspension ball joints allow your wheels to remain in contact with the road surface, while still allowing you to steer. This keeps the steering of the car consistent. However, some cars suffer from a problem with their suspension ball joints, which will cause the steering to become jerky or sluggish.

As a ball joint wears, it will start to rattle inside the socket. Over time, it will become louder. This is a sure sign that your suspension is wearing down. This problem can be avoided by getting the right type of ball joints. This will save you a lot of money on future repairs and maintenance costs. Another common problem with suspension ball joints is excessive friction. This can lead to steering stick, or even worse, causing your car to slide around.

Moog Ball Joints

MacPherson Ball Joints

Mevotech TTX

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