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Posted: 02/14/2022

How Do I Know When It’s Time for a Shock Replacement?

Your car or truck is made to move. The suspension system is what keeps you and the engine from rattling apart in uneven terrain, bumpy roads, or just a regular city street. If you’ve ever had a bad suspension you know how important it is to keeping your vehicle operating in top condition. Here are some tips for knowing when your shocks or struts need an update or repair. 

Arnott Industries Arnott new front shock SK-3354

Do I Have Shocks Or Struts?

Some vehicles can have both shocks or struts but a single wheel has only one or the other–a shock or a strut. Shocks are vertical and resemble a pneumatic piston. Struts are horizontal and look like extensions of the wheels.

Monroe quick-strut complete strut assembly

A Rough Ride

If you've noticed your struts bouncing or spring seats swaying, or excessive steering wheel vibration. Whether you're driving on a smooth road or a bumpy one, steering wheel vibrations are a common warning sign.

Fluid Leak

Fluid leakage is a sure sign that your shocks are bad. If this happens, the fluid will run over the shock and spill onto the ground. Look for oil or greasy liquid on the struts or shocks. The fluid can be a reddish or brown color. 

Monroe Shocks and Struts

Veering Steering

The most obvious sign that your shocks are in trouble is a veering or dipping of the front end while traveling. It might also be the case that your car is swaying or veering in side winds. 

Tire Wear, Too

Some other signs of worn shocks and struts are premature tire wear. You might notice cupping or scuffing on the tires. These signs are signs that your car's suspension has too much control over your steering.

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