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Posted: 03/29/2023

Is Synthetic or Conventional Motor Oil Better For Your Vehicle?

It can be hard to make the decision and even harder knowing that the wrong choice could potentially cause harm to your engine. But don’t worry, because we are here to walk through everything you need to know so that you have all the information required to choose which type of oil is right for your engine. We’ll cover the differences between these two types of lubrication and discuss how each one works in order for you to make an informed decision about which option best suits your needs.

Overview of Synthetic and Conventional Motor Oil

Synthetic motor oil and conventional motor oil are both used to ensure engines run at their best. Synthetic motor oils are created with artificially derived additives that make them longer-lasting and better able to reduce friction in the engine. Conventional motor oils come from crude oil, but they still undergo refining processes to remove impurities. 

The big difference between synthetic and conventional motor oil is cost - synthetic being much more expensive, but also offering greater protection for an engine. Ultimately, it comes down to the needs of your particular vehicle when making the decision about which type of oil is best for your engine. 

It is important to seek professional advice when possible or do research on compatible types of motor oil given the make and model of your car before making a final purchase decision.

Benefits of Synthetic Motor Oil - how it can protect your engine and give you a smoother ride

Unlike conventional motor oils, synthetic motor oil is engineered to withstand higher temperatures and sudden wearing of the engine while helping your car to perform at its peak. The molecular structures of synthetic motor oil also allows it to thin less in cold weather, so it gets to all the places it needs to be faster, which means better lubrication for improved performance and fewer visits from the mechanic. 

With added detergents and dispersants, synthetic oil helps reduce friction by suspending contaminants for easier draining during changes, increasing fuel efficiency and allowing the engine to run almost silently. So if you want superior protection for your engine, better fuel efficiency, smoother performance and fewer maintenance costs, then synthetic motor oil may just be what you need.

Advantages of Conventional Oil - why some people prefer to use it for their cars

Conventional oil has its own advantages when it comes to taking care of cars. It's made from naturally occurring crude oil and tends to be thicker than synthetic and is usually less expensive. Conventional oil is usually recommended for older vehicles that benefit more from the slower movement through the engine. Conventional oil is also more widely available than synthetic. 

Cost Comparison of Synthetic vs Conventional Motor Oil 

As modern cars become increasingly sophisticated, the question of what type of motor oil is best for them arises. Generally speaking, synthetic motor oil is more expensive than conventional. However, although you may pay a few bucks more for a quart of synthetic oil, it could end up saving you plenty on servicing costs in the long run. Synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional and provides better protection against engine wear and tear. Consequently, changing your oil less often can result in significant savings. 

Another factor to consider is that certain car companies recommend only using certain types of oil such as full synthetic or specified blends. While cost competitive when compared with mass-market conventional oil, compliant varieties of synthetic oils can be even pricier so do make sure to compare pricing carefully before making your decision. 

Ultimately whether to go with synthetic or conventional oil depends on individual usage and budget but it’s worth bearing in mind that synthetic oils are generally considered the better option since they deliver superior performance and come with longer service intervals.

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