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Posted: 04/29/2022

Top 5 Truck Maintenance Tips

When you're on the job site, or just helping somebody move heavy furniture, your truck is one of the most important tools you own. You rely on these tools every single day, and nothing slows you down faster than a truck that breaks down. These are the top five truck maintenance tips to keep your truck moving when you need it most.

1. Keep your truck clean.

A truck that is covered in dirt and grime is more likely to have issues than one that is kept clean. Regular washing will remove built-up dirt and debris that can contribute to mechanical problems. The best way to clean your truck is to pressure wash it if you can, and use a truck-specific cleaning solution. The parts you should especially look out for are the undercarriage, the engine, and the wheels. These areas get the dirtiest, but they also contribute the most to the truck’s overall operability.

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2. Check your truck's fluids. 

Every truck has several different fluids that need to be at the correct levels, otherwise, the truck can overheat or break down. You already know how important it is to make sure your oil is changed often enough (every 5,000 miles or so), but don't neglect the others. These fluids include coolant, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. If you're not sure how to check these yourself, your local technician is happy to help.

3. Inspect your truck's tires.

Tires are one of the most important parts of a truck, and they need to be in good condition to keep you safe on the road. The last thing you need is a flat tire, slow leak or blowout to complicate your day. Make sure to check the tread depth and pressure regularly. You should also be on the lookout for any bulges, cracks, or other damage.

4.  Don’t skip truck upkeep.

Truck maintenance is key to keeping your truck on the road. This means things like regularly scheduled oil changes, tune-ups, and other truck-specific services. These will help to ensure that your truck is running smoothly and that any potential problems are caught early on. 

5.  Drive carefully.

This may seem like an obvious one, but it's important nonetheless. The way you drive has a direct impact on the truck's longevity. Sudden starts and stops, as well as speeding and aggressive driving, can all shorten the life of your truck. So, take it easy on the truck, and it will rewarded you by taking it easy on your wallet. 

By following these truck maintenance tips, you can help to ensure that your truck is always running smoothly and will help you avoid costly repairs and downtime.

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