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Posted: 02/25/2022

How Are Your Wheel Hubs?

Have you looked at your vehicle’s wheel hubs lately? If not, you might want to give them a quick once-over. Wheel hubs play multiple functions in ensuring that your car rolls smoothly and safely. So how do you tell whether your wheel hub assembly (also known as a “wheel bearing”) is in need of replacement? Here are some tips to help you decide.

Wheel Hubs

Sounds From a Damaged Wheel Hub

One of the first signs that there might be something amiss with your wheel hub assembly is the sound it makes. These sounds will appear when the car is in motion, and are most apparent at higher speeds.  A clicking noise when making sharp turns can indicate a bad wheel assembly. Also, keep an ear out for knocking, grinding or clunking. While not always a sign of bad wheel hubs, they can be a strong indicator.

Wheel Hubs

Bad Wheel Hubs Can Make Your Car Drive Differently

Because the wheel hub assembly is a combination of interlocking parts (like ball bearings and a spindle), a failure in one of those parts will cause problems with the way the car or truck feels when you drive it. If the wheel vibrates, wobbles, or shudders when going a consistent speed, it might be a bad wheel hub assembly. If you notice the steering doesn’t work as well as it did before, or if it pulls to one side even without braking, these are additional signs that the wheel hubs need to be examined by a professional technician.

Wheel Hubs

It’s Not Just a Hubcap

You might see the phrase “wheel hub” and think we’re just talking about the piece of metal or plastic that fits over the hub. While those are important to the look of your car, they are not nearly as important as the hub itself. Don’t worry, your technician knows the difference.

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